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The Resource Center is dedicated to bringing relevant industry information to our credit union members. This information is provided by our MAP partners.

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Reconsider Your Appetite for Subprime Consumer Loan Risk (CMG June 2015)
Cyber Security: Four Critical Steps to Take Now (CMG November 2015)
Uber and Similar Services May Pose Risk to Vehicle Loan Collateral (CMG October 2015)
TruStage What Matters Now TM Research Reveals New Insights into How Middle-Income Americans Define Success (CMG September 2015)

Credit Union Protection

It's Not IF, it's WHEN - Prepare your CU for Data Breach Aftermath (CMG February 2015)
The Board's Critical Role in Preventing Internal Fraud (CMG October 2014)

Collateral Protection

Catastrophic Losses: Plan Ahead for Your Credit Union - and Your Members (CMG June 2014)
Avoid the Pain of Stacked CPI Premium (CMG February 2014)

Retirement and Executive Benefits

Retirement Crisis for Women (CMG August 2015)
Online Calculators Improve Probability of Saving for Retirement (CMG May 2015)
A Wise Decision - NCUA's 2003 Expansion of Benefits - Pre-Funding Options Proving Important (CMG April 2015)
Turn Your Succession Plan into a Succession Strategy (CMG March 2015)

TruStage TM / MemberCONNECT TM

What Matters Now to Middle-Income Americans (CMG April 2015)


Mandatory Compliance, Good Faith Efforts and Safe Harbors - Breaking Down TRID (CMG August 2015)
Offer Free Mobile Services to Build Loyalty (CMG June 2015)
TRID Compliance - Getting Down to the Details: Timing Requirements (CMG May 2015)
It's Gut-Check Time for TILA/RESPA Compliance (CMG March 2015)

Dakota CU Edge

Dakota CU Edge Overview


How are Millennials Transforming the Banking Industry (pdf)