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Management Tools
  PortPro PALMS is a complete asset/liability management system that allows clients to effectively manage and analyze their balance sheet with an easy-to-use Internet system that’s both affordable and powerful. The PALMS system is more accurate and detailed than other A/L models as it analyzes the balance sheet asset-by-asset and liability-by-liability. This level of detail allows the system to accurately evaluate the impact of a specific asset or liability on the balance sheet.

The PALMS system imports data directly from your current systems. Using detailed information from the General Ledger, Loan, Deposit, and Investment databases. This information requires no data input on the customer side and allows for quicker report turnaround.

PortPro PALMS is the original A/L system developed exclusively for the Internet. This means clients can begin reviewing reports and performing simulations against their balance sheet right away without waiting on lengthy month-end & quarter-end batches or shipments of paper printed reports containing dated information.

With PortPro PALMS clients can predict the effects of changes to their balance sheet by performing simulations, such as pre-purchase simulations to see the effects of changes prior to the actual investment decisions.

Clients can predict and manage performance while addressing IRR regulations using reports such as:

• Executive Summary
• Projected Income at Risk
• Net Economic Value
• Liquidity Analysis
• Key Ratio
• Balance Sheet Composition
• Balance Sheet Supporting Data
Plus multiple easy-to-read graphical presentations to determine trend analysis

For more information about PortPro PALMS please contact 800-279-6328.