The Mid-America Service Corporation (MASC) was created to provide services to credit unions in a cooperative fashion. The MASC has staff available for credit unions utilizing the corporatio's services.

The MASC works closely with the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) Strategic Services Incorporated (CSSI) and CUNA Mutual Group, as well as other service providers to offer various products essential to your credit union.

Additionally, the MASC is consistently involved in studying services which are beneficial to members and also cost effective for your credit union. Staff members will assist credit unions in implementation of services, establishing policies and procedures, and evaluating the results.

Services provided under the Service Corporation are listed below.
Association Provided Services
  > CU Tools   

  > Loan Tools

  > Newsletters 
  > Marketing Support Services                                              

  > Sage

  > Youth Programs                                         
  > Websites

  > PortPro PALMS  

  > Cooperative Alliance Program                                       

Additional Services